We are 5am:Hustle, a company based in Lincoln, Nebraska. We started back in Sept of 2016, with $10 that our CEO had. 

I was 17, it was all I had, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it,” said Edwin.

By setting a foundation to make sure everyone hustles to accomplish and reach their goals was something that continues to push us to grow and spread the word. We are still a young company but we strive to provide amazing service and products to everyone. Our mission is to always keep hustling. To always keep moving forward and keep working hard.Trust what you have planned for yourself, because times will get hard. Hustle whether it's for an education, a job, your next pair of sneakers or just about any goal you may have in your life.

We want to make sure that with all this hustling and success that will be reached. That we strive to remain as humble as we can. To remember where we came from and the goals we had placed at that time. To not let objects or successes blur the vision you once had.

I think some people come hardship and so we have these plans to give back and do good once we make it in life. So what happens is that we make it, we get the car we worked so hard for, or the house, the newest pair of sneakers, etc. Then all of a sudden we start to think we are better than everyone else and those goals and visions we once set are no longer something we pursue. That's why I think it important to make sure we remain humble and true to ourselves no matter what comes our way” Said Edwin 

We love the sneaker culture and the fashion/streetwear culture. We feel like these are amazing ways to express yourself. Whether your clothes are expensive or not. As long as you love what you wear, that's all that matters.

Just always keep in mind,




Founder / CEO - Edwin Mendez-Rodriguez 

Founded 5AM:HUSTLE in Sept of 2016 at the age 17



COO - Duley Mendez-Rodriguez

Younger brother of Edwin. Hard worker who does his part helping everything run smoothly.